About Samuel Kimpton-Nye

Sam is a Lecturer in Philosophy at NCH, teaching the following courses: 12 Great Moments in Philosophy, Logic, Aesthetics and Metaphysics.


PhD in Philosophy, King’s College London (2018)

MPhilStud in Philosophy, King’s College London (2015)

BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Birkbeck, University of London (1st Class)

Academic Honours

LAHP Doctoral Studentship (2015-2018)

Jacobsen Prize in Philosophy (Paper title: Leibniz and Counterpart Theory) (2015)

Cyril Joad Prize, Birkbeck, University of London (2013)

Samuel Kimpton-Nye's Research

Sam works primarily on the metaphysics of science. More specifically, he is interested in the metaphysics of properties, laws of nature and modality.

In his PhD thesis, he argued that facts about laws of nature and facts about metaphysical modality share a common metaphysical ground, namely, low-level physical properties. He then explored what this implies about the relationship between philosophical and scientific inquiry.
His current work includes research into the metaphysics of properties, laws and modality to questions about modal logic, emergence and the dimensionality of a quantum universe.



Kimpton‐Nye, Samuel. 2018. ‘Hardcore Actualism and Possible Non-Existence’. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 7 (2): 122–31.
Kimpton-Nye, Samuel. 2017. ‘Humean Laws in an UnHumean World’. Journal of the American Philosophical Association 3 (2): 129–47.

Samuel Kimpton-Nye's Teaching

Sam teaches on the following courses at NCH:

  • 12 Great Moments in Philosophy;
  • Logic;
  • Aesthetics; and
  • Metaphysics.