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About Susan Steed

Susie Steed is an economics tutor and commentator who has written for publications such as The Guardian, HuffPost and appeared on the TEDx TalksLSE Podcast and Institute of Ideas. She has appeared in several documentaries including The Spiders Web and In Transition 2.0.

Prior to entering academia she has worked for a housing association, a local authority and as a project manager at a football club. After becoming interested in structural economic issues she studied for a Masters part time. She then worked for several years as a research economist at the New Economics Foundation where she developed expertise on public sector economics and commissioning, economic evaluation and currencies. Her main research interests are global inequality, debt, sustainability and legacies of colonialism.

She is interested in exploring alternative ways to discuss and present economics and for the last few years she has been running economics walking tours around the City of London. In 2017 she performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she took people on a walking tour exploring the hidden history of Capitalism.



PhD in Economics, University of Bristol (Passed Viva, will be awarded PhD when finished corrections)

MSc in Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London (2008)

BSc in Economics, University of Bristol (2003)




Susan Steed's Research

Susie is finishing a PhD in economics at the University of Bristol. Her PhD is primarily empirical and is gathering evidence on the impact of increased competition in the public sector, particularly on the role of not-for-profit organisations.

She has previously worked as a researcher at the New Economics Foundation where she contributed to large number of research reports and policy briefings. She has written widely on economic evaluation methods, particularly attempts to value externalities and enable decision makers to make better policy decisions.

As part of her PhD she has taken part in a range of collaborative research projects from practical randomised control trials to empirical work using large applied data sets.

Susan Steed's Teaching

Susie has taught for three years at the University of Bristol where she taught the CORE economy curriculum. This is a new curriculum in Open-access Resources in Economics that was developed to update the way economics is taught in the light of new developments and be more focused on real world data. She has guest lectured at the University of Copenhagen, University of Birmingham, The Centre for Alternative Technology, Royal Holloway and a number of other universities. She has also been commissioned to delivery her economics walking tour to groups of students from a number of universities including the London School of Economics, Kings College London and the Open University.


Professional Activity

Susie has presented at numerous conferences, some academic, but most policy focused. She has also delivered a TEDx talk, an LSE Podcast, appeared in the print and online version of The Guardian newspaper, as well as a number of other publications. She is sporadically asked to contribute for broadcast media such as Radio 5 Live or Al Jazeera. Susie also runs economics walking tours which I have performed at the Edinburgh Festival and been featured on Al Jazeera.

In 2009 Susie co-founded the Brixton Pound and until September 2015 was the co-chair of this organisation.


Media Activity

Susie is regularly asked to comment on things on programmes such as Al Jazeera, Radio 5 Live and Channel 4 news. She also features in several documentaries including The Spiders Web and In Transition 2.0 .


Course development

Susie has designed models for two Masters Programmes.


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