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About Mr Marius Ostrowski

Marius has been a Lecturer in Politics & International Relations at NCH since 2015, and an Examination Fellow in Politics at All Souls College, University of Oxford, since 2013. He recently completed a DPhil in Politics under the supervision of Prof Michael Freeden (University of Oxford), with a thesis entitled Twilight of the Pollsters: A Social Theory of Mass Opinion in Late Modernity, examined by Prof Lois McNay (University of Oxford) and Prof Will Jennings (University of Southampton). He also holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (with double First-class honours) and an MPhil in Political Theory (with Distinction), both from Magdalen College, Oxford.

He has been a Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at Christ Church and Magdalen College, Oxford, and has been at NCH since 2015.



DPhil in Politics, University of Oxford (2017)

MPhil in Politics, University of Oxford (2012)

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford (2010)



twitter: @mariusostrowski

Mr Marius Ostrowski's Research

Marius’ research lies primarily within the fields of social and political theory, and the history of political thought, predominantly on questions of public opinion research, democracy and democratisation, federalism and devolution, legitimacy, power, and identity, as well as the study of ideologies (socialism, social democracy, and nationalism), and the political thought of late-Wilhelmine and Weimar Germany. His work also covers a diverse range of wider interests, including theories of class and their intersections with personal identities of race, gender, age, and education; political economy and institutional theory; European electoral and party systems; and the political thought of Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Tönnies, Martin Heidegger, Walter Lippmann, Louis Althusser, and Pierre Bourdieu.

He has organised conferences at the University of Oxford on ‘Political Theory and the Liberal Tradition’, ‘The Politics of Equality’, and ‘Democracy in Global Perspective: Globalisation, Neoliberalism, and Resistance’, as well as a workshop at the Manchester Centre for Political Theory on ‘The Politics of Agonism’. He has also presented at conferences in political theory, ethics, and legal and social philosophy at the Universities of London, Manchester, Oxford, South Wales, Warwick, and York. He has worked with several think-tanks, including Demos, Reform, and the Institute of Economic Affairs, on a broad range of public policy initiatives, and published a report for the UK Parliament on the fiscal implications of the Scottish independence referendum. He has also written articles for the Times, the New Statesman, and OxPol about the 2011 England riots, the political future of Scotland within the UK, and opinion polling at the 2015 General Election.


Selected Publications

Eduard Bernstein on Social Democracy and International Politics: Essays and Other Writings (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming, 2018)

‘Ideologies of expertise in late modernity’, chapter in Colin Kidd and Jacqueline Rose (eds.), Political Advice (IB Tauris, forthcoming, 2019)

‘Twilight of the pollsters: what should the polling companies do next?’, New Statesman, 14 May 2015

‘Ideology in the age of the coalition: the strange rebirth of British centrism’ (with Matthew Lakin), Journal of Political Ideologies 19(1) (2014), pp 15-40

‘Stark question fails to reflect what most Scottish voters want’, Times Scotland, 25 November 2013

‘Achieving Autonomy: What the independence referendum means for Scotland’s fiscal future’, report for the All-Party Parliamentary Taxation Group, UK Parliament

‘Perfect commonwealth, federal Union: Lessons from historical political thought for UK devolution’, Journal of Intellectual History and Political Thought (2013), pp 192-220

‘Towards libertarian welfarism: protecting agency in the night-watchman state’, Journal of Political Ideologies 18(1) (2013), pp 107-28

Mr Marius Ostrowski's Teaching

Marius has extensive teaching experience in political theory and political science having taught lectures, seminars, and tutorials at Oxford and NCH. His teaching has covered a wide range of subjects: political thought in the Renaissance and Enlightenment; political thought in the 19th century; Marx and Marxism; contemporary political philosophy; radical social theory; and European politics and party systems. At NCH he gives lectures and tutorials for the second-year course in nationalism in international relations, and the third-year course in democracy and democratisation.

Marius has taught as a Lecturer in Politics at Magdalen College, and Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics at Christ Church, University of Oxford. At Oxford, he is also a university examiner for courses in ‘Theory of Politics’, ‘Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau’, and ‘Political Thought: Bentham to Weber’, and he also offers special subjects for visiting students on ‘Radical Social Theory’ and ‘Political Thought: Dewey to Habermas’.

At NCH, he has taught and lectured for graduate and undergraduate courses on ‘Nations and Nationalism’, ‘Political Ideologies’, ‘Nationalism and International Relations’, and ‘Democracy and Democratisation’ for the University of London International Programme (administered by the London School of Economics) and NCH’s own programme.


Teaching Appointments

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, NCH London (2015-present)

Lecturer in Politics, Magdalen College, Oxford (2017-present)

Examination Fellow in Politics, All Souls College, Oxford (2013-present)


Course Development

Marius has developed two new courses for NCH: ‘Political Ideologies’ for BA/BSc Politics degrees, and ‘Nations and Nationalism’ for the MSc in Global Politics programme.


Languages Spoken

English, German, French, Latin and Classical Greek.