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About Howard Jacobson

Mr Jacobson lists Samuel Johnson, Jane Austen and Dickens among his foremost inspirations, and has written variously about comedy, Australia, Jewishness and love.

His novel, The Finkler Question (2010), won the Man Booker Prize; his novels (2014), Kalooki Nights (2006) and Who’s Sorry Now (2002) placed on the short-list and long-list respectively. His book The Mighty Walzer (1999) won the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize. Meanwhile, Howard’s non-fiction work includes Whatever It Is, I Don’t Like It (2011) a collection of the weekly columns he writes for The Independent. His most recent works include Shylock is My Name (2016), a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, and his political satire novella, Pussy (2017).

Howard Jacobson's Research

Books | Fiction

Coming From Behind (Chatto & Windus, 1983)

Peeping Tom (Chatto & Windus, 1984)

Redback (Bantam, 1986)

The Very Model of a Man (Viking, 1992)

No More Mister Nice Guy (Cape, 1998)

The Mighty Walzer (Cape, 1999)

Who’s Sorry Now? (Cape, 2002)

The Making of Henry (Cape, 2004)

Kalooki Nights (Cape, 2006)

The Act of Love (Cape, 2008)

The Finkler Question (Bloomsbury, 2010), (Winner of the Man Booker Prize, 2010)

Zoo Time (Bloomsbury, 2012)

(Bloomsbury, 2014)

Shylock Is My Name (Hogarth, 2016)

Pussy: A Novel (Cape, 2017)

Books | Non-fiction

Shakespeare’s Magnanimity: Four Tragic Heroes, Their Friends and Families (co-author with Wilbur Sanders), (Chatto & Windus, 1978)

In the Land of Oz (Hamish Hamilton, 1987)

Roots Schmoots: Journeys Among Jews (Viking, 1993)

Seriously Funny: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime (Viking, 1997)

Whatever It Is, I Don’t Like It (Bloomsbury, 2011)

Howard Jacobson's Teaching

Best known for his 2010 Man Booker winning novel, The Finkler Question, Mr Jacobson lectures for the English BA and meet students informally at NCH to discuss literature and writing.

Mr Jacobson lectured for three years at the University of Sydney before returning to England to teach at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He is an Honorary Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge, having read English there under F R Leavis.