About Dr Sara Raimondi

Dr Sara Raimondi joined New College of the Humanities in July 2019 as a Lecturer in Politics & International Relations. She is leader of the courses “Old Powers New Powers: Imperialism, Colonialism and the Modern State”, “Political Ideologies” and “Societies in Transition”. She also convenes a course for the MSc in Global Politics.

Prior to that, she taught as Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster, University of East London, University of West London and University of Hertfordshire, where she acted as module and seminar leader of a variety of courses across politics and International Relations.

Dr Raimondi completed her PhD in December 2018 from the University of Westminster. Her doctoral thesis was a theoretical analysis of the debates around the politics of life in contemporary continental political theory.

She owns a BA in Philosophy (2007-2010) and a MSc in Economics and Political Sciences (2010-2012), both from the University of Studies of Milan, and a MA in International Relations and Democratic Politics with Distinction (2013-2014) from the University of Westminster.


Professional Affiliations

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2016)

Association for Political Theory

European Consortium of Political Research



Dr Sara Raimondi's Research

Dr Raimondi’s research is situated in the area of political theory and contemporary political philosophy. Sara completed her doctoral thesis in political theory in December 2018 at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster. Her doctoral project is a theoretical exploration of the relationship between biopolitical and neo-vitalist approaches around debates on the politics of life in contemporary political theory, particularly in the context of identity-formation and accommodation of different ways of being. Parallel to her thesis, she developed research expertise in the areas of humanism in political theory and philosophy and theories of states of exception, and she has produced research outputs in both.


“Beyond ‘the Most Serious Suspension of Rights’ of Genoa: Violence, Anomie and Force of Law”, book chapter in the edited collection “States of Exception: Law, History, Theory” (Routledge, upcoming Autumn 2019)

“An all-too-human future? Revolution, Utopia and the Many Lives of Humanity”.Contemporary Political Theory, (Online First, January 2019): 1-9.

“From Schmitt to Foucault: Inquiring the Relationship Between Exception and Democracy”,Democratic Theory, 2016. 3(1): 52-70.

Dr Sara Raimondi's Teaching

At NCH, Dr Raimondi teaches the following courses:

  • Old Powers New Powers: Imperialism, Colonialism and the Modern State (Level 5)
  • Political Ideologies (Level 5)
  • Societies in Transition (Level 5)
  • Global Politics I and II (Level 7, MSc in Global Politics)

Teaching Appointments

Visiting Lecturer in Politics and International Relations (Module Leader), University of Hertfordshire (2018-2019)

Visiting Lecturer in Research Methods (Module Leader), University of West London (2019)

Visiting Lecturer in Political Philosophy (Module Leader), University of East London (2017-2018)

Visiting Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster (2015-2018)