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About Dr Patrycja Kaszynska

Dr Patrycja Kaszynska is Head of the Faculty for Art History & Senior Lecturer in Art History at NCH. She is also Research Associate, Culture, King’s College London and Research Fellow, Innovation Insights Hub, University of the Arts London. Prior to this she was Project Manager for the Cultural Value Scoping Project. She has worked in policy research for a number of political organisations and think tanks and in the higher education sector. Patrycja has published on a range of topics, and is particularly interested in the potential of aesthetic sensibility to act as a catalyst in the process of political decision making and consensus formation, which was the central theme of her doctoral thesis completed at the University of Oxford.



DPhil, University of Oxford

Mst, University of Oxford

BA, University College London


Professional Affiliations

Steering Group Member and Academic Adviser, British Film Institute, Cultural Contribution of Film, Television and Video Games in the UK

Advisor at Learning about Culture Research Working Group, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce  (April 2017 – present)

Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (March 2011 – present)

Research Associate, ResPublica



Dr Patrycja Kaszynska's Research

Patrycja has a unique, interdisciplinary research agenda. Her most recent role leading a research Project for a consortium comprising King’s College London, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the AHRC and Arts Council England explored how an improved understanding of the value of participation in the arts and engagement with culture might benefit people working in the arts and culture and their funders, policy makers and academics. In her former role she acted as the Project Researcher to a major, nation-wide research programme investigating the value of art and culture to individuals and society, The Cultural Value Project research initiative set up by the Arts and Humanities Research Council supporting over 70 separate academically-led projects spanning sociology, philosophy, economics, literature, as well as art theory and artistic practice. 


Selected Publications

Articles in peer reviewed journals

‘Capturing the vanishing point: Subjective experiences and cultural value’, Cultural Trends, Special Issue. Cultural Value: empirical perspectives, Volume 24, Issue 3, (July 2015)

‘Under construction: Towards a framework for cultural value’, co-authored with Geoffrey Crossick, Cultural Trends, Special Issue: Emerging paradigms: National approaches for measuring cultural value, Volume 23, Issue 2, (March 2014)

Review: Habermas and Aesthetics: The Limits of Communicative Reason, British Journal of Aesthetics, 45, No. 3, (April 2005)

Published Reports

‘Cultural Value Scoping Project Report’ (King’s College London, forthcoming)

‘Understanding the Value of Arts and Culture’, AHRC Cultural Value Project (March 2016)

‘Re-thinking Neighbourhood Planning: From consultation to collaboration’, ResPublica  (July 2012)

Other Articles

‘In conversation: Researching cultural value’, ArtsProfessional (May 2018)

‘Sustaining a democratic and caring society’, ArtsProfessional (July 2016)

‘Art or Happiness’, ArtsProfessional (June 2014)

‘When art meets politics’, Prospect Magazine (April 2013)

‘Why Labour is right to support military academies’, co-authored with Phillip Blond, Comment is Free, Guardian (July 2012)

‘Libertarianism for the rich, paternalism for the rest’, The Staggers, New Statesman (April 2012)

‘What Cameron and Clegg could learn from Churchill and Lloyd George’, The Staggers, New Statesman (March 2012)

‘We need a more critical public to take on the 1%’, (March 2012)

‘Cable’s university coup threatens fairness’, (February 2012)

‘Comment, Skills and Careers’, The House Magazine (November 2011)

‘Whatever Happened to Fairness’, The Commentator (October 2011)

‘Blame it on the X Factor’, Prospect Magazine (March 2011)

Other Reports,Papers and Blogs

Culture and economics: looking for the buried hatchet, The #culturalvalue Initiative, (April 2014)

Introduction from the AHRC, The Value of Design, Expert Workshop, The Glasgow School of Art (February 2014)

Sociology and Art – the estranged bedfellows, The #culturalvalue Initiative (January 2014)

Going mobile & The loneliness of the long distance climber, Matthew Taylor’s blog (September 2012)

Principles for the Budget, ResPublica (March 2012)

Military Academies, co-author Phillip Blond, ResPublica (January 2012)

Creating Creative Communities, SU University of the Arts London (2011)

Written Submission to the Quality Assurance Agency for the London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE (2010)

Adorno on Schoenberg: A Threefold Analysis, SAMUS 23, 85 Chronicle, Musicological Society of Southern Africa (2003)

On the Social Significance of Aesthetic Autonomy: The Value of Kant’s Concept of Aesthetic Experience, (2002)

Dr Patrycja Kaszynska's Publications

Patrycja has worked as an academic teacher for a number of Oxford colleges, including Christ Church, University College, Hereford College, and St John’s College. Her area of expertise was art history and aesthetics. More recently, as a Research Associate at King’s College London, in 2017 she co-supervised a Masters’ thesis. She has a track record of delivering tutorials and revision classes in the academic context where her responsibilities included designing teaching curricula, drafting course outlines, and interacting with students on a weekly basis.


Professional Activity

Patrycja is an accomplished researcher and project manager with extensive experience of designing and managing both academic and policy research and particular expertise in cultural policy. 


Professional Experience

University of the Arts London, Innovation Insights Hub, Research Fellow (2017-present)

King’s College London, Research Associate, Culture, King’s College London (2017-present)

King’s College London, Project Manager, Cultural Value Scoping Project (2016-present)

Arts and Humanities Research Council, Project Researcher, Cultural Value Project (2012-2015)

Republica, Senior Researcher and Project Manager (2011-2012)

Students’ Unions at London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of the Arts London, Policy and Research Coordinator (2009-2011)

Fabian Society, Research Assistant (2009)

Demos, Research Asssistant (2009)

Assisting Parliamentary Researcher to Stephen Williams MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills ( 2008 – 2009)


Languages Spoken

Fluent in Polish and English. Proficient in German and Russian.