About Dr Kate Grandjouan

Kate is a Course Leader and Lecturer in Art History at NCH. Kate teaches European Painting from Chardin to Matisse and The Elegiac Landscape and Masters in America.

PhD, Early Modern Art, The Courtauld Institute of Art (2010)
MA Art History and Archaeology, University of Maryland USA (1997)
Maîtrise de Lettres, Paris (IV), La Sorbonne, France (1986)
BA French/History of Art, University of Kent, UK (1985)

Fellow, Lewis Walpole Library (Yale University), 2017
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London, 2011

Current Research
Kate has a PhD in Early Modern Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art. Her particular area of specialisation is British visual culture c.1660-1830. She writes about the image as a powerful tool for indoctrination and as a vector of national and cultural myths, both affirming and undermining social and political identities. Current research relates to a book length project about satire and national identity in the 18th century, provisionally entitled ‘Hogarth’s French’.


Dr Kate Grandjouan's Research


Book Chapters
Grandjouan, K, ’Parce que les Français, comme la mer, sont sans cesse en mouvement : satires anglaises sur l’inconstance des Français’ in Le Siècle de la Légèreté: Emergences d’un paradigme du XVIIIe siècle français for Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment and; Liverpool University Press, edited by Marine Ganofsky and Jean-Alexandre Perras, 2019
Grandjouan, K ’La caricature et la « déqualification » de l’art: le cas de Henry Bunbury (1750-1810) et de Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827)’ in Satire Visuelle (ed) Laurent Baridon, Frédérique Desbussions et Dominic Hardy published by Conseil de recherches en sciences
humaines du Canada (CRSH) and the Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA), Paris, 2018

Book chapter in preparation
‘Intermediality and the Political Fable: Aesopian Satire in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain’ for Satire and the Multiplicity of Forms, 1600 – 1830: Textual and Graphic Transformations in Early Modern Satire, edited by Per Sivefors, Cecilia Rosengren and; Rikard Wingard of the University of Gothenburg and to be published by Manchester University Press

‘Refugees, Xenophobia and Hogarth’s Calais Gate (1748)’ for a special issue of Studies in
Ethnicity and Nationalism which will be published by Wiley Online Library in the fall of

Grandjouan, K, ’Body Politics: Charles Brandoin’s France England, 1772’, Matica Srpska Journal for the Fine Arts, Vol 43, October 2015: 65-80
Grandjouan, K, ’Le Surréalisme Transnationalisé : L’exposition internationale de 1936’, Avant-Gardes: from Dada to Surrealism (Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary Art, January, 2016), 95-109


Grandjouan, K, Hogarth’s Hidden Parts: Satiric Allusion, Erotic Wit, Blasphemous Bawdiness and Dark Humour in Eighteenth-Century English Art by Bernd Krysmanski in Eighteenth-Century Studies, Volume 45, Number 2, Winter 2012
Grandjouan, K ‘Guess at the Rest”: Cracking the Hogarthian Code’ by Elisabeth Soulier-Detis in Eighteenth-Century Studies, Volume 45, Number 2, Winter 2012

Online Publications
Grandjouan, K, ’Super-size caricature: Thomas Rowlandson’s ‘Place des Victoires’ at the Society of Artists in 1783’ in British Art Studies Volume 4, 2016 see:
Grandjouan, K , ’Caravaggio to Canaletto: The Glory of Italian Baroque and Rococo Painting’ at the Szépmûvészeti Múzeum, Budapest, June 2014 at
Grandjouan, K, ’Curious Beasts: Animal Prints from the British Museum’ at Compton Verney, U.K., January 2014 at
Grandjouan, K, ’Raynal, Un Regard vers l’Amérique’ at the Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris, September, 2013 at
Grandjouan, K , ’Broadsides: Caricature and the Navy 1755-1815’ at Greenwich Maritime Museum, London, January 2013 at
Grandjouan, K, ’Physionotraces: Galerie de Portraits de la Revolution à l’Empire’, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, July 2012 at

Dr Kate Grandjouan's Teaching

Course Leader & Lecturer, New College of the Humanities,  2019 – present

Associate Lecturer, Courtauld Institute of Art, 2011-13; 2018-20

Course Leader & Lecturer, Public Programmes, Courtauld Institute of Art, 2015 – present

Tutor in Art History, Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), University of Cambridge from