About Dr Gregorio Astengo

Dr Gregorio Astengo is Course Leader & Lecturer in Art History at New College of the Humanities. Gregorio teaches Modern Architecture from 1851 to the Present and The City in Contemporary History.

PhD Architectural History and Theory, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (2019)
Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Architectural Research, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (2014)
Architect, professional qualification (2012)
MA Architecture and Construction, Politecnico di Torino (2012)
BA Sciences of Architecture, Politecnico di Torino (2009)

Academic Honours
LAHP Research Fellowship. Awarded by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (2015-2018)
Architecture Research Fund. Awarded by the Bartlett School of Architecture (2016)
Study Visit and Conference Fund. Awarded by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (2017)
Student Conference Fund. Awarded by the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment (2017, 2018)
Faculty Development Fund. Awarded by Syracuse University (2019)


Dr Gregorio Astengo's Research

Dr Gregorio Astengo’s Research
Gregorio completed his PhD in Architectural History and Theory in 2019 at the Bartlett School of Architecture, with a thesis entitled ‘Architectural Transactions. Architecture in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (1665-1700)’. His research investigates practices of architecture produced through early modern scientific methodologies and presented through early forms of periodical printing in London.

Gregorio is an architect and has been practicing in Italy between 2012 and 2014. He has been editor of the student-led magazine architecture Lobby between (2015-2017) and has been lecturing and publishing internationally on early modern and modern architecture. He has been teaching at UCL and Queen Mary (University of London) and is currently Adjunct Professor at Syracuse University London.

Selected Publications
Book Chapters
Astengo, G. “Architettura Illuminista e Scienza Moderna. Boullée e il Cenotafio di Newton”, in G.Montanari & E. Dellapiana (eds.), Storia dell’Architettura Contemporanea, (Torino: Utet 2015)

Astengo, G. ‘The Building’, in Bauwelt (Nov 2018)
Astengo, G. & Dutto, A. ‘L’Architettura della Città’, in Philosophy Kitchen (2018)
Astengo, G. ‘Architects. Portraits of a Practice’ and ‘Spatial Practices: Modes of Action and Engagement with the City’, in Ardeth (2019) (forthcoming)

Astengo, G. ‘Resistant Architecture. Interview with Mario Botta’, in Lobby Magazine n.3 –Defiance (2015)
Astengo, G. ‘Moving Architecture. Interview with Caroline Bos’, in Lobby Magazine n.5 – Faith (2016)
Astengo, G. ‘Re-Form. Interview with Philip Steadman’, in Lobby Magazine n.6 – 1961 (2017)

Papers and articles
Astengo, G. ‘White Whale. The Acquario-Rettilario for the Turin Zoo and the Architecture of Enzo Venturelli (1955-1965)’, in Architectural Histories (2019) (forthcoming)
Astengo, G. ‘Beat Quartet’, in Lobby Magazine n.6 – 1961 (2017)
Astengo, G. ‘Baroque Spaceships’, in Lobby Magazine n.4 – Abundance (2016)
Astengo, G. ‘The Rediscovery of Palmyra and its Dissemination in Philosophical Transactions’, in Notes and Records of the Royal Society, vol. 70 (2016)

Selected Conference Papers
The Compleat Architect. Joseph Moxon’s Vignola in 17thc London, the Society of Architectural Historians, Providence, RI (2019)
Architectural Transactions. Communicating Architectural Knowledge in the early Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (1665-1677), European Architectural History Network, Tallinn (2018)
The College and the Academy. Spaces for Experiment and Authority in Early Modern Science Between London and Paris (circa 1660-1700), ETH Zurich (2018)
Parallelogrammum Prosopographicum: an Early Modern Instrument for Drawing with Parallel Lines, TU Delft (2017)
Printing/Building. Joseph Moxon and the Dissemination of Mechanick Architecture in Late-17thc London, University College London (2017)

Real and Imaginary Architectures for the Early Royal Society (ca. 1660-1710), The Society of
Architectural Historians of Great Britain, London (2017)

Dr Gregorio Astengo's Teaching

Course Leader & Lecturer, New College of the Humanities
Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University London

Other Professional Activity
Architect. ‘Studio AS Architetti Associati’, Torino (2012-2014)