About Professor Elizabeth Mytton

Professor Elizabeth Mytton is Course Leader and Lecturer in Criminal Law at New College of the Humanities.


Doctor of Education, University of Southampton (2001)

Master of Laws, University of Southampton (1992)

BA (Hons), CNAA (now Bournemouth University)

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, Royal Society of Arts

Fellow, Higher Education Academy

Fellow, Chartered Management Institute

Visiting Fellow, Bournemouth University

Emeritus Professor, Southampton Solent University

External Examiner Appointments 

2018-21 Open University

2015-18 Buckingham New University

2011-15 Aston University

2011-15 University of Bradford

2007-11 University of Glamorgan


Professor Elizabeth Mytton's Research

The principal focus of my research activity lies within professional engagement and developments in legal education. Currently, I am engaged with the contemporary design and delivery of online law programmes with a particular focus upon widening participation and diversity. This builds upon a programme of work within the UK university sector in which I have designed and developed a Foundation Year for Law, Business and Criminology students from diverse pathways and backgrounds enabling them to access university.

In terms of my international profile, a notable highlight was being selected by the British Council, from a highly competitive field of legal scholars, to advise the Ministers of Education and Justice in the former Soviet State of Georgia on how to establish a system of Legal Education. The pedagogic impact of this work is published.

As Professor of Legal Education, I have held a range of executive positions at national level with the professional bodies, law associations, and with UK law schools. I was elected by the Association of Law Teachers (ALT) and Committee of Heads of University Law Schools (CHULS) as academic advisor to the Legal Education and Training Review (LETR). This forms a key part of a comprehensive review of legal education and training.

I am frequently invited to sit as a panel member for the re(validation) of law programmes in university law schools. Having worked directly with the LETR, I have introduced a range of innovative teaching techniques into LLB course developments to reflect prevailing trends in law teaching.

Whilst Head of Law, I was invited to advise the Office of the Dean of International Business Law at the China University of Law and Political Science in Beijing. I met with senior academics and Communist Party officials to speak on the subject of the common law jurisdiction of law and comparisons with a Communist system. This was a highly prestigious invitation by the University in Beijing. Whilst in China, I presented at a number of institutions, commissioned by the British Council, for Chinese students intending to study in the UK.


Mytton, E. (2016) The EdD Experience in The Legal Academic’s handbook (ed.) Guss, J. Ashworth, C. (Palgrave Macmillan)

Mytton, E., Gale.C, (2012) Prevailing Issues in Legal Education International Journal of Law and Management

Mytton, E. (2012) Assessment: exploring a new discourse in Dialogue, (Solent University).

Professor Elizabeth Mytton's Teaching

Online summer programme: Law Accelerate, 2020

Criminal Justice, Criminal Law, Law of Torts, University of Brighton, 2017-2018

(Solent University) Criminal Law, Law & Society, Law & the Individual, Legal Skills, Dissertation supervision, 2010-2016

Professional activity

LLM Revalidation panel member for Independent College Dublin, 2019

Witness Support, Bournemouth Crown Court, Poole Magistrates Court, 2018 – date

Academic advisor to the professional and academic law associations (post Legal Education and Training Review), 2012 – 2014

Appointed academic advisor to the Legal Education and Training Review, 2011 – 2013

Attended: Association of Law Teachers conference (University of Portsmouth), 2017

Member, Association of Law Teachers, 2011 – 2017

Presented: Developments in Professional Education. (Solent University), 2012

Presented: Legal Education and Training Review: an update for the Association of Law Teachers conference (Oxford), 2012

Presented: Legal Education and Training Review: an update for the Committee of Heads of University Law Schools (CHULS), 2012

Leader, Southampton City Law Network, 2011- 2016

Co-opted executive member. Committee of Heads of University Law Schools, 2011- 2015

Mytton, E. Legal Education and Training Review: an update for CHULS. (Warwick), 2012

Mytton, E. Gale, C. Prevailing Issues in Legal Education. Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) (Cambridge), 2011

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Mytton, E., Sykes, R., Maguire, C., Harmonising discrimination law: understanding ‘reasonable adjustment’ in assessing law students (Association of Law Teachers (Cambridge), 2010

Mytton, E. Doing Assessment Differently: Balancing Compliance with Regulation. SLS (Warwick), 2009

Mytton, E. Professional Regulation of Law Degrees and Assessment Matters (Warwick), 2009

Mytton, E.  The place of the law school in the university, CHULS (Warwick), 2008

Academic advisor to the professional and academic law associations (post Legal  Education and  Training Review), 2012 – 2014

SLS invited delegate Legal Education and Training Symposium (Manchester), 2012

Co-chair, Legal Education and Training Review conference (SLS) IALS, London 2012

Advisor to the steering group of the Legal Education and Training Review, 2011-2012

Invited speaker, Association of Law Teachers annual conference, Cardiff, 2011

Consultation with the Legal Standards Board Chief Executive, senior lawyers and senior law academics on ‘The Future of Legal Education’ symposium. Inns of Court, 2011

Consultation with the Chief Executive and the Head of Education and Training at the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority (SRA) on the ‘Legal Education Review’, 2012

Consultation with the Joint Academic Stage Board on condonation, compensation, and collaborative provision, 2011

Consultation with Director of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority on change in legal education, 2011

Correspondence on behalf of CHULS with Secretary of State David Willetts regarding the Browne review and the impact on humanities and social science, 2010

Consultation with HEFCE on current issues: Future of HEA subject centre for Law, 2010

REF sub-panel for Law, Solent University, 2010

Chaired (CHULS) Executive to formulate policy on: Current legal education priorities including the REF. Access to the professions: Lord Neuberger’s proposals on widening access, 2010

Designed, chaired and presented a 2 day national conference for CHULS attended by 60 Heads of Law. ‘The future of UK law schools’, 2010

As Chair of CHULS, invited to attend a Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) event with senior judiciary to advise upon and discuss current issues in legal education, 2010

Panel member of UK Centre for Legal Education Advisory Board to consult and advise on the future of HEA subject centres, 2010

Consultation with Legal Services Board on policy and strategy on diversity, the Neuberger agenda, with David Lammy  MP then Minister for Business Innovation and Skills, 2009 – 2010

Chair, Committee of Heads of University Law Schools (CHULS), 2009 – 2011

Vice Chair, of CHULS, 2006 – 2008

Council, Society of Legal Scholars (SLS), 2006 – 2009