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About Dr. Andrea Gatto

Dr. Andrea Gatto is Lecturer and Course Leader at NCH, where he teaches Economic Development, International Development, and Research Design & Data Collection. An economic and business consultant, Andrea is President of the CED – Center for Economic Development & Social Change and has been appointed Co-editor-in-chief of the Annals of International Development.

Andrea Gatto is also Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Resource/Environmental/Marine Economics at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), University of Greenwich. He works for the UKRI-funded Diverseafood project on integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, as part of sustainable and resilient food systems. The project is Scotland-based and partners SAMS, Manchester University, and New Castle University.

Andrea got publication records in international peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Cleaner Production, Energy Policy, Journal of Environmental Management and Journal of International Development. His works were presented extensively at international peer-reviewed conferences, where he has been invited as a speaker, a discussant and a chair. He taught extensively in a number of institutions and countries and for diverse audiences. He has conducted fieldwork and worked for longer appointments in ten countries worldwide, including positions for the European Commission, California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), and CREATES – Aarhus University. He is fluent in Italian, English, French, and Portuguese, and speaks some Spanish.



PhD/European Doctorate in Economics, Statistics & Sustainability

MA in Development Economics (II level, Postgraduate)

European Master in EU Studies

MSc in Economics (Summa Cum Laude – 110/110, lode, menzione, pubblicazione)

BSc in Economics & Law

Dr. Andrea Gatto's Research

Dr Gatto’s research is in the following areas:

  • Development Economics and Sustainability Studies;
  • Agriculture and Energy Policy and Regulation;
  • Composite Indicators;
  • Business Cycles Analysis and Law & Economics;
  • Vulnerability and Resilience;
  • Long-run Economic History and Archival Research;
  • Microfinance;
  • Fieldwork and mixed methods.

Selected publications

Gatto A, Busato F. Energy vulnerability around the world: The Global Energy Vulnerability Index (GEVI). Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019. DOI:

Gatto A, Drago C. A taxonomy of energy resilience. Energy Policy, 2019.

Gatto A. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele as a case study of traditional speciality guaranteed and international franchising. Forthcoming, APSTRACT: Applied Studies in Agribusiness and Commerce Journal. 2019.

Agovino M, Cerciello M, Gatto A. Policy Efficiency in the Field of Food Sustainability. The Adjusted Food Agriculture and Nutrition Index. Journal of Environmental Management, 2018.

Busato F, Gatto A. Evidenze empiriche dalla volatilità dei prezzi elettrici durante la crisi energetica californiana. Cattura del regolatore nel caso Enron?. Moneta e Credito. 2019 Jan 1;72(285).

Gatto A. Historical roots of microcredit and usury: The role of Monti di Pietà in Italy and in the Kingdom of Naples in XV-XX centuries. Journal of International Development, 2018.

Drago C, Gatto A. A robust approach to composite indicators exploiting interval data: The Interval-valued Global Gender Gap Index (IGGGI). Advances in Gender and Culture Studies in Business and Economics. 4th IPAZIA Workshop on Gender Issues, 2018, Rome, Italy, Springer Nature. Peer-review presented at Ipazia 2018 Conference. DOI:

Sadik-Zada, R. E., Gatto A. Determinants of the Public Debt and the Role of Natural Resources: A Cross-Country Analysis. (March 08, 2019). Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Working Papers, Berkeley Press. Paper 1263.

Dr. Andrea Gatto's Teaching

Dr Gatto has teaching experience as an Instructor/Teaching Assistant/Honorary Fellow for the following academic courses/chairs:

  • Microeconomics; Financial Instruments: Theory and Regulation;
  • Entrepreneurship, Business Creation and Economic Development;
  • Law & Economics; Environmental Law; Public (Economic) Law;
  • Business Governance and Ethics/CSR; Business Direction & Strategy;
  • Economic History; Economic History of Developing Countries.