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Hear from our academics

'Studying history is endlessly fascinating. It is an opportunity to study not just the history of present-day societies but also, much more excitingly, to come to realise the enormous variance of human experience. History removes the blinders and makes us understand that the way the world works now is not the only way, that the world has been different and that it will be again.

'When we study history we do not just learn about the past, but also about how we get to know about the past. As well as how we can share this knowledge more widely. Studying history at NCH involves a rigorous training in source criticism and the modern communication of history, besides learning about the past itself. Studying history then is not just great fun, but also provides an excellent background for work in a wide range of fields.'

Dr Lars Kjaer, BA (Aarhus), MPhil, PhD (Cantab), Head of Faculty & Senior Lecturer in Medieval History