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What is LAUNCH?

LAUNCH is an essential part of the NCH experience, providing a practical counterpart to complement your academic education. LAUNCH provides you with two kinds of practical experience: knowledge about work and organisations, and how to succeed in different kinds of working environments. It helps you think about your future while you are studying for your degree, so that you are ready to succeed in your next steps after you graduate.

Taught across each of the three years of your undergraduate programme, LAUNCH fosters skills that are essential in any profession where people work together for common goals. The Visiting Fellows ask students to engage in experiential exercises, meant to challenge students in developing their skills in team-working, idea generation, and analytical skills in practice.

Every year, students finishing the LAUNCH programme go on to a range of workplaces, including but not limited to the creative arts and publishing, charities and think tanks, and banking or consulting. For students considering postgraduate study or an academic career, LAUNCH helps prepare for the teamwork required in securing research grants and publishing collaboratively authored research.


One-to-one Careers Clinics

Each year, you will also participate in Careers Clinics, either one-on-one or in groups of a few students with similar interests, with the College’s expert and highly experienced careers advisers. They will help you map out what you want to do after NCH and will help formulate a tailored plan, allowing you to identify and achieve your individual goals.


What will you learn?

LAUNCH is designed as a learning-by-doing programme to foster the skills needed to work in professional teams and communities. Working in teams is central to the programme, as is thinking about a customer or client’s needs in order to generate interesting ideas and present them in convincing ways. The presentation and teamwork skills are complemented with training in the basic technological and numerical literacy that are helpful in understanding the commercial implications of good ideas.

The LAUNCH programme is intended to add to your academic studies at NCH by fostering curiosity about the world, and by providing a view to the activities and needs of larger organisations, such as charities and companies. This will not only help you work out what your role might be in an organisation, but also to learn about the realities of project work.

Having this experience not only enables you to make more informed choices about jobs and careers, but also gives you a perspective on what kinds of successes and difficulties are normal in a professional setting, so that you develop your resilience and flexibility, which are essential for people to build successful careers and happy lives.

The LAUNCH programme is designed around three major projects; in your first year, you will respond to a brief from a client; in the second year you will create a new concept and write and test a business plan; and, in your final year, you will build a website or app.


Taught by practitioners

A distinctive feature of the LAUNCH programme is that the course material is delivered by people who have spent their lives in their specialist areas of business. LAUNCH is not a theoretical academic course, and it focuses heavily on real-life cases and teamwork.


Contact the LAUNCH team

For all queries regarding collaboration with the LAUNCH team, please contact the Dean for Education in Business & Economics, Marianna Koli:

Some LAUNCH Visiting Fellows

Simon Bucknall: Presentation coach to various CEOs, runner up in the 2017 World Toastmaster public speaking competition

Ben Hart: Co-founder of We Are Atmosphere (technology consulting business)

Lisa Thomas: formerly McKinsey, independent consultant to global firms

John Garnett: Board Advisor, Investor, and Consultant