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Employer Relations

My Beautiful Career Events

During the Michaelmas term, we invite successful and inspiring people from a wide variety of creative and professional backgrounds into the College. During these events, they meet with small groups of interested students and we have a chat over a glass of wine and crisps.

It represents a risk-free way for students to learn more about the many different opportunities that are available to people with humanities or social science degrees and provides a convenient first step in networking, which is so vital in securing work in many sectors.

Equally importantly, this offering allows our students to build their social capital, learning how to deal with perhaps seemingly intimidating people without appearing too shy or too arrogant.

Employer Evenings

Throughout the Hilary term, the College hosts a number of Employer Evenings. These events consist of panel discussions followed by drinks and canapés. We invite executives from organisations that have expressed an interest in NCH or in hiring our graduates. Our guests tend to be senior people from professional service organisations, the creative industries or those with experience of policy development, government and the third sector.

The evenings allow our guests to identify students who they might want to consider for internships or permanent roles. Students can learn more about what companies do in a relaxed and informal context without the pressure that can go with feeling a need to “sell” yourself.