Careers advice

The NCH careers offering is distinctive in that it is bespoke, supporting the particular needs of each individual on a one-to-one basis. However, that is not all that it is.

Careers Coaching

Personal tutorials underpin academic pedagogy at NCH and careers support is delivered in the same way. You will be assigned a member of the careers team who will provide support, guidance and advice.

Careers advisers at NCH will assist as you consider what you would like to do on leaving the College. They will help you create a persuasive narrative and work out what experience or skill gaps need to be filled to make you the most credible candidate you can be. Together students and advisers will work on CVs and cover letters. The adviser will give tips on networking and managing a contact strategy with target employers.

Students will seek advice concerning applications, how to manage an assessment day and interview techniques.

The success of these relationships and techniques is borne out by the outstanding outcomes NCH students achieve.

Careers resources

The careers team is supported by an online offering, the LAUNCH Careers Centre.  This has a rich set of features and functionality, including:

  • a job search engine
  • a range of personality testing tools for careers guidance
  • a video interviewing tool
  • headline descriptions of different career choices
  • a video library of executives explaining interview techniques
  • links to numeric, non verbal reasoning, situational judgement and other types of testing used in recruitment
  • a news library focused on top recruiters
  • CV builder
  • database of interview questions

We also deploy our alumni network for the benefit of current students. NCH alumni work for a wide range of blue-chip organisations. We have a formal evening, where alumni come in to present to current students. We supplement this with introductions once we know the specific interests of individual students.

In addition, NCH students visit the London Graduate Fair, a conventional career fair with typically 80-100 recruiting companies running stands. We also draw upon the resources provided by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (of which NCH is a member), such as the Prospects website.

Careers Advisers

Vaibhav Rustagi

Vaibhav Rustagi is the Director of Careers at NCH


Gaby Becker

Gaby Becker is the Careers & Placements Lead at NCH.


Ursula Smartt, JP

Ursula Smartt is a Lecturer for the Law LLB at NCH and the Careers Counsellor (Law) at NCH. She holds a BA in English and German from the University of Hull, a PGCE from the University of Hull, a MA in German Politics and Social Policy from the University of West London, a CPE from University of West London and a Master of Philosophy in Social Policy and Criminology from the University of Hull. Ursula has been a Lecturer in Law at the University of Surrey, the University of West London and the University of Portsmouth.

Alongside her teaching Ursula was awarded a Visiting Professorship in Comparative Criminal Law at the Max Planck Institute, Freiburg, Germany in 2001 and was appointed Justice of the Peace in 2003.  She has conducted extensive research and published a number of books, journal articles and given papers across the globe. Ursula has also worked with the BBC, writing a number of articles and featuring on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.

Ursula advises NCH students who are interested in pursuing a career in Law.


Careers Advisory Board

The Careers team at NCH works closely with an Advisory Board comprising distinguished figures and experts from a variety of sectors. The Advisory Board’s role is to ensure that the careers offering at NCH is genuinely distinctive. Members participate fully in the intellectual life of the College – mentoring students, judging business plans, and providing advice before an interview.

Current members include: