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Our mission goes beyond providing students with a rigorous academic programme of studies and learning support; we seek to prepare you for your future career and life after university while you are studying, so that you stand out from the crowd and are ready to succeed as soon as you graduate. That’s why we combine the development of key competencies with our unique and more personal approach to careers support.

Your Competencies*

We believe that there is a core range of competencies that will help you to develop into fully rounded graduates, ready to take on tomorrow’s world, prepared for the challenges and opportunities that life will offer, and that will empower you to create change. These competencies are embedded within many of the courses that make up our new degree programmes, so that you can acquire them while you are studying the subjects and issues about you are genuinely passionate.

Core Competencies

By the time you graduate, you will have taken courses inculcating our three core competencies:

  1. Writing Across Audiences and Genres
  2. Integrating Knowledge and Skills Through Experience
  3. Demonstrating Thought and Action in a Final Project (can be dissertation)

Additional Competencies

You will also have taken courses inculcating a minimum of four of these additional competencies, depending on your learning pathways:

  • Engaging with the Natural and Designed World
  • Exploring Creative Expression and Innovation
  • Interpreting Culture
  • Conducting Formal & Quantitative Reasoning
  • Understanding Societies and Institutions
  • Analysing & Using Data
  • Engaging Differences & Diversity
  • Employing Ethical Reasoning

Careers Service

Our dedicated Careers Advisors work with students on a one-to-one basis, right from day one. Some students arrive at the College with their journey path clearly mapped, others need help finding their direction. Our Advisors are here to help both.

Advisors will help to identify aspirations and explore careers, as well as assisting with the development of CVs, and developing an ‘elevator pitch’ to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Advisors guide students through making the most of Linkedin, applying for internships, placements, and graduate jobs.

Our Advisors are here to help you achieve your ambition and have expertise in a wide range of sectors including professional services, government, creative industries, law, and banking.