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The NCH Diploma

Studied by all undergraduates at the College, the NCH Diploma complements, enriches and further contextualises your degree. It equips you with an intelligent understanding of the core concepts, arguments and theories that underpin the study of the humanities, and enables you to approach your degree studies in a more rounded and enlightened way. The NCH Diploma is a noncredit bearing award.

Critical Reasoning

The ability to think logically and critically is at the core of all academic study. It also pays a key role in personal or professional contexts, when you might need to solve a problem quickly and efficiently, provide a sound justification for a decision you have made, or present balanced arguments.

Science Literacy

A grasp of fundamental scientific principles and approaches is essential to understanding what is going on around us. The relations between the sciences and the humanities are complex, and an understanding of one complements and enriches the other.

Applied Ethics

The study of ethics explores what constitutes a good life and a just society, and encourages us to consider how we balance our own needs and desires with those of other individuals, our environment and the ‘greater good’.

NCH understands the importance of thinking about what you want to do or be after university while you are studying for your degree, so that you are ready to succeed in whatever field or profession you choose as soon as you graduate. LAUNCH is an innovative professional development programme that is unique to the College. It is designed to prepare you for a fulfilling life after university – be this employment, postgraduate or further study, or setting up an independent business or enterprise – and enables you to stand out in a fiercely competitive graduate recruitment market.

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