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Preparation for the world of work

'LAUNCH has been invaluable to me. It has changed the way I process information and tackle problems. It has made me aware of the use of data, understanding digital and how to influence people all relevant when building our own start-up business plan. The benefit of doing a module in financial literacy placed me in a great position for applying for roles in this sector.

LAUNCH has provided me with a wealth of experience, skills and ways of thinking far beyond what was possible through my degree alone, something that I am sure will continue to be instrumental in my years after university.’

Jess Johnston, History BA with Economics (Lond/NCH, 2017)

NCH understands the importance of thinking about what you want to do or be after university while you are studying for your degree, so that you are ready to succeed in whatever field or profession you choose as soon as you graduate. LAUNCH is an innovative professional development programme that is unique to the College. It is designed to prepare you for a fulfilling life after university – be this employment, postgraduate or further study, or setting up an independent business or enterprise – and enables you to stand out in a fiercely competitive graduate recruitment market.