MSc Global Politics

The MSc Global Politics at NCH London examines the dominant issues of global politics and investigates the emerging theme of global citizenship.



Core courses

For the MSc Global Politics, you will take two compulsory courses.

Global Politics I

20 Credits

Global Politics I is designed to introduce students to the key processes, concepts, t… Read More

Global Politics II

20 Credits

This course applies the theoretical and conceptual tools studied in Global Politics I… Read More

Additional courses

You will choose three courses from:

Nations & Nationalism

20 Credits

This course addresses the impact of nations and nationalism on the conduct of global … Read More

Security Issues in Global Politics

20 Credits

This course will further familiarise students with the study of security and stabilit… Read More

The European Union

20 Credits

This course focuses on the politics and policies of the European Union.… Read More

Universal Man

20 Credits

What, exactly, does it mean to be a global citizen?… Read More

You may choose to audit any of the following NCH Diploma courses

Applied Ethics: The Good Life

0 Credits

A series of lectures on major ethical challenges and alternative responses… Read More

Applied Ethics: Ethics in Public & Profession

0 Credits

A series of lectures on major ethical challenges and alternative responses… Read More

Critical Reasoning: Scientific Reasoning

0 Credits

An introduction to key methodological ideas in the natural and social sciences… Read More

Critical Reasoning: Formal & Informal

0 Credits

Studied in Michaelmas term, introduces students to formal and informal logic… Read More

Science Literacy: Physics, Cosmology, Biology

0 Credits

Physics, Cosmology, Evolutionary Biology and Neuroscience literacy… Read More

Science Literacy: History of Science

0 Credits

Introduction to several key episodes in the history of science… Read More


You will take two courses related to the research and development of your dissertation.

Research Methods

20 Credits

This course develops the student’s ability in researching and writing up a high-quali… Read More

MSc Global Politics Dissertation

60 Credits

The dissertation is intended to enable a student to deepen their understanding… Read More