MA Historical Research & Public History

The MA Historical Research & Public History offers a unique combination of classic training in historical research, historical method, historiography and theory, with advanced education and practical experience in the innovative and emerging field of Public History.


Core courses

You will take three compulsory courses across the course of your master’s degree:

Applied Public History

20 Credits

In Applied Public History students develop a project to communicate history.… Read More

Public History

20 Credits

This course explores the theory and practice of public history in heritage, broadcast… Read More

The Historian’s Craft

20 Credits

The Historian's Craft course provides training in advanced historical research.… Read More

Depth Study (optional courses)

You will take two depth study courses:

Civil War to Civil Rights

20 Credits

Examine the evolution of the African American response to economic racial inequality.… Read More

Cross-Cultural Encounters

20 Credits

Cross-Cultural Encounters explores the 16th and 17th Century period of discovery.… Read More

The Later Victorian Age: Society & Culture

20 Credits

Examine the nature of a society in transition in the last decades of the 19th century… Read More

Ritual, Culture & Power in Medieval England

20 Credits

This course investigates the role of the court in political and cultural life.… Read More


You will research, prepare and write a 20,000-word dissertation.

Dissertation I

20 Credits

This course is designed to help you identify an appropriate dissertation topic.… Read More

Dissertation II

60 Credits

Read More