MA Communicating Economic Policy

An enthralling mix of economic policy and the communication of economic knowledge, this MA will train you to understand how economic knowledge is used in the modern world.


Core courses

Microeconomic Principles

15 Credits

The Microeconomic Principles course introduces the key principles of microeconomics.… Read More

Public & Industrial Economic Policy

15 Credits

This course focuses on three specialisms in microeconomics to address questions about… Read More

Communication & Understanding of Economics

15 Credits

The first of a three-part series, this course introduces you to the analysis of commu… Read More

Statistics & Quantitative Research Skills

15 Credits

This course prepares you for economic data analysis on other courses, including the R… Read More

Macroeconomic Principles

15 Credits

This course introduces the key principles of macroeconomics. You will be introduced t… Read More

International Economic Policy

15 Credits

This course prepares you for understanding what an economy is, how macroeconomic poli… Read More

Making & Communication Economic Knowledge

15 Credits

This course is the second part of a three-part series that prepares you for communica… Read More

Research Design & Data Collection

15 Credits

Preparation for writing an extended piece of independent economic research.… Read More

Ethics & Evaluation of Communication

10 Credits

Communicating specialist economic knowledge to different audiences… Read More

MA Communicating Economic Policy Dissertation

50 Credits

Undertaken in Trinity Term, this sustained and in-depth piece of independent research… Read More