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General information

The Philosophy Faculty at the New College of the Humanities (NCH) and the Duesseldorf Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (DCLPS) are pleased to announce the one-day workshop:

Debating Debates: Meta-ontology and Scientific Realism.

The workshop aims to bring together scholars engaged in debating the conditions under which object-level debates are worth having and hence in the corresponding meta-level debates. Two specific areas are used as case studies: meta-ontology and the debate surrounding the scientific realism debate.

We hope that by transcending the particularities of their areas, scholars can find out whether anything general can be said about when and why object-level debates are worthwhile.

Debating Debates workshop speakers

Our speakers include:

Matti Eklund, Uppsala Universitet

Brian Ball, NCH London

Simon Blackburn, University of Cambridge and NCH London

Ioannis Votsis, NCH London

Juha Saatsi, University of Leeds

Gerhard Schurz, Universitaet Duesseldorf

Please note: The workshop organisers made a conscious and concerted effort to be inclusive in the list of speakers. In particular, repeated efforts were made to include female speakers in the programme, but due to scheduling commitments on the part of the invitees, this was not possible.

Workshop organisers

Attendance to the workshop is open to all but spaces are limited so interested individuals are requested to register with the organisers.

Brian Ball –
Ioannis Votsis –


Funding for the workshop is generously provided by the New College of the Humanities as well as the Duesseldorf Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science.