Values & Society

20 Credits

The Values & Society course engages students with classic philosophy texts and debates on critical topics in value theory and practical philosophy. These seminars are specially designed to cultivate the research, speaking and writing skills that are requisite for a career in the philosophy profession as well as supportive of an informed, reflective and thoughtful approach to life. They also help prepare students for their dissertation and viva.

Members of the NCH Philosophy faculty who have a special interest in the debates related to value theory include Dr Naomi Goulder, Professor AC Grayling, Professor Christopher Peacocke, Professor Simon Blackburn, Dr David Mitchell, and Professor Peter Singer.

The formal academic teaching for the Values & Society course comprises 10 two-hour seminars in a small class of fewer than 15 students.  Students are expected to complete the 200 hours of structured study commensurate with a 20-credit postgraduate course.

The Values & Society course is assessed by each student’s preparation and delivery of one 30-40-minute presentation, which includes their answering questions from their fellow students and faculty members. Also, students will be assessed on their development of an 800 to 1,500-word handout or PowerPoint slides.

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