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Green Political Thought (NCHPIR6110)

15 Credits

While the history of political thought has arguably always addressed nature, the emergence of green political thought as a distinct field is relatively recent. The deepening environmental crisis invites political theorists to reconsider the inheritances with which we talk about and do politics; to generate new critical perspectives of the state and interstate relations; and to place sustainability at the heart of normative political theory. This course draws on environmental history; the history of political thought; green political theory; and theories of international relations (IR) to understand sustainability as both a domestic and international problem.

The course explores ways in which sustainability affects other political concepts and practices, from democracy and cosmopolitanism to regionalism and co-operation. The course considers the intersection between political theory and practice, as well as the methodological implications of doing so. Finally, it focuses on honing the necessary critical, analytical, written, and oral skills with which to engage this timely and exciting field.