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Developmental & Social Psychology

15 Credits

The Social & Developmental Psychology course investigates how people think, feel and behave in social situations and how children develop and interact. 

The course explores social psychology topics including the social self, cognition, perception, persuasion, conformity, prejudice, aggression, intimate relationships and group dynamics. 

Some of the topics around developmental psychology include psychosocial, cognitive and psychosexual theories of development, interaction with the environment, forming relationships, the development of cognitions, emotions, development of self and social awareness, parenting behaviour and child behavioural problems. 

Teaching includes ten 90-minute lectures and two 45-minute tutorials per student. These lectures are designed to capture students’ interest and excite their curiosity and allow interactivity and a short time of discussion and questioning, to engage students in the complex discussions surrounding psychology, throughout or at the end of each lecture, as appropriate.