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Philosophy of Mind & Language (NCHPH730)

20 Credits

The Philosophy of Mind & Language course introduces students to foundational concepts, problems, and theories in the philosophy of mind and language.

Beginning with the mind: What, if anything, is it, and how does it relate to the body? What is the nature of a mental state, such as a qualitative sensation (e.g. pain) or a propositional attitude (e.g. belief)? What is consciousness? Can there be mental causation, and if so, how? Is there an asymmetry between our knowledge of our minds and those of others? Turning to language: How are the meanings of our expressions fixed?  Are they determined by what’s in our heads or are these meanings partly constituted by our environment and our practices of interpreting each other? And how do the meanings of simple expressions combine to determine those of more complex ones, especially in indirect discourse and ascriptions of propositional attitudes?


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