Nations & Nationalism

20 Credits

Nations & Nationalism addresses the impact of nations and nationalism on the conduct of global politics in the modern era.

Students will cover both theoretical concerns and practical case studies of nationalist movements across the world. They will consider the competing accounts advanced by scholars to explain the rise of nationhood as a cultural and political signifier, as well as the rival concerns of ethnicity and citizenship for state institutions. They will examine the distinctive features of nationalism as a political and economic ideology, and its connections to major ideological traditions such as liberalism, socialism, and fascism. They will also evaluate the prospects for nationhood in a globalising world, addressing questions of economic interconnection, de-territorialisation, and cultural pluralisation.

Students will then apply their theoretical knowledge to consider different historical and comparative trends in the development of nationalism in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The Nations & Nationalism course is taught through a series of 12 seminars with fewer than 15 students in the class and a guest lecture series to broaden their knowledge of key developments and trends in the study of Global Politics. To complete the course, students will be expected to undertake 200 hours of structured study as commensurate with the requirements of a 20-credit postgraduate course. The course is assessed by one three-hour, unseen, written examination.

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