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LAUNCH: Introductory Capabilities

0 Credits

LAUNCH provides students with an understanding of the world of work, including financial literacy, business and employment.

This programme helps develop the attitudes and behaviours that are required by employers, is extremely practical, and is a complement to the academic offering pursued by the College’s undergraduates.

The course’s intent is to give you a proper command of some basic skills required in all fields of work: essentially – writing, presenting and working in teams.

Since many activities are founded in a good understanding of customers, the course goes on to explore the core principles of marketing and primary customer research. Fostering skills, behaviours and personal attributes is fundamental to successful outcomes on LAUNCH, and the course ends with a project where you are required to take responsibility for a live brief under exploration from a real world organisation, develop recommendations, and present them to a panel of experts, including your client

At the end of the year students are able to communicate fluently and persuasively and write succinctly and clearly.  These skills are supplemented by seminars on marketing and market research providing students with a focus on the customer.  These capabilities are further developed and tested in a project that runs at the end of the Trinity term.

The programme is delivered by a number of Visiting Fellows who have been selected on the basis of their expertise and practical experience in their given field.  Assessment is in the form of written submissions and presentations through the students’ three years at the College.

LAUNCH Applied Capabilities