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Kant and Post-Kantian Philosophy (NCHPH659)

30 Credits

In this course we study the critical philosophy of Kant and its legacy. Themes include reason, self-consciousness, freedom, and philosophical systematicity.

Besides readings in Kant’s first Critique, the course examines the works of major thinkers who followed in the century after it.

Students will study a range of topics, of which the following list is indicative

  • the idea of a ‘critical philosophy’
  • transcendental idealism
  • dialectic
  • the relation between nature and freedom
  • criticisms of the Kantian project in philosophy

The Kant and Post-Kantian Philosophy course aims to

  • develop students’ knowledge and understanding of key texts, questions and debates in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Kantian and post-Kantian thought.
  • develop students’ ability to give clear analyses of complex positions.
  • develop students’ powers of logic and critical thinking.