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Final Year Project & Publishing Horizons

30 Credits

This third year course gives Creative Writing students the opportunity to carry out a substantial self-directed creative writing project in a literary genre or genres of their choosing, while extending their knowledge of the creative process, including editing and publishing methods and approaches.

This course is taken in the final year, after all four core genres of creative writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction and script writing) have been studied in the previous two creative writing courses at NCH.

This course requires students to produce draft work for their Final Year Project (FYP) in both teaching terms for feedback from the tutor in supervisory tutorials, and from peers in Writing Workshops. It aims to develop systematic understanding of the creative process, including drafting and editing methods, and explores avenues for and processes of publication.

As a whole, the course seeks to consolidate the student’s writerly expertise developed over the first two years, while emphasising experience of editing and dissemination processes.