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Economic Development

15 Credits

Economic Development is a course aimed at enhancing a student’s understanding of socio-economic outcomes in a global context, using concepts from both Development Studies and Economics.  The course supplements the studies of Economics Minor students by giving the opportunity to use their Economics skills from Introduction to Economics, and apply these to both historical and current political and economic events and debates.

The key aims of this course within the Economics Minor are to introduce students to key ideas and debates in the field of international development, to expose students to the realities of living and policymaking in challenging environments, and to the possibilities of using Economics to analyse these.  Despite a structural division of the course topics into the social and the economic, the interdependency of these two realms is emphasised throughout.

In studying this course, students gain a good understanding of both the practical and theoretical challenges of international development, as well as improve their skills in understanding the socio-economic conditions and constraints experienced by distant others. They should also develop their understanding of potential applications of Economics to issues in international development.

Finally, students learn the basic research skills for writing for a serious audience: to consider and critique their sources, to identify potential biases, and learn about the different types of audiences for whom one might write about economic and social policy.