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Econometrics II

15 Credits

This course follows on from Econometrics I and broadens the knowledge and application of econometrics. It provides students with a “hands-on” environment to enable them to apply econometric methods on real-world economic data.

Students are invited to assess economic theories, develop econometric models, analyse economic history and forecast macroeconomic indicators.

The course exposes the students to real-world data through primary and secondary data collection, reading economic literature and reports, and critical evaluation of economic relationships and theories. The course also incorporates the research skills component for the 2nd year of the Economics Major.

It helps develop practical skills in the use of econometric software for empirical research, and introduces students to empirical research methods used by economists in academia, government departments, think tanks and financial institutions.

The course material will provide necessary background to students who wish to write a final year dissertation by using quantitative methods. Besides, the course helps students prepare for the quantitative requirements of a master programme in economics.