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Aesthetics (Level 7)

20 Credits

The Aesthetics course which forms part of the NCH London MA Philosophy is concerned with aesthetic experience and aesthetic objects, their nature and their value. Critical texts from the past, including those by Plato and Aristotle, are explored and set in context with contemporary commentaries, including Hume, Collingwood and Gombrich, as part of the course.

Students will consider and debate questions of aesthetics related to aesthetic experience and its role in the ethical formation, including:

  • Why does Plato banish poets from his ideal republic?
  • What is Aristotle’s notion of catharsis?
  • What roles can art play in the education of emotions?

Students will also investigate the nature of aesthetic objects:

  • What is Collingwood’s expression theory of art?
  • What is it for an artwork to represent reality?

And students will explore the nature of aesthetic value

  • Does Hume provide an adequate response to the puzzle about the standard of taste?
  • Is there a dependable form of subjectivism relating to value?

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