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Applied Ethics

The study of ethics explores what constitutes a good life and a just society, and encourages us to consider how we balance our own needs and desires with those of other individuals, our environment and the ‘greater good’.

Our Applied Ethics programme engages with a variety of ethical challenges and debates, ranging from human rights and civil liberties to corporate responsibility and the freedom of the press.

You will learn to broaden your recognition of alternative arguments and perspectives, as well as hone your skills in argument in order to justify and develop your own views.


Our Applied Ethics programme is studied by all undergraduates in their third year at the College.

The programme comprises two courses:

Ethics in Public & Professional Life

Indicative lecture topics include:

  • Authority Access to Justice
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Medical Ethics
The Good Life, Human Rights & Individual Responsibility

Indicative lecture topics include:

  • Happiness
  • Civil Liberties
  • Ethics & Animals
  • War Poetry & Witnessing
  • Effective Altruism


The Applied Ethics programme is assessed by two exams, one relating to each course. Your studies in Applied Ethics will contribute to your grade for the New College of the Humanities Diploma, which is awarded alongside your degree.