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Careers is an essential part of the NCH experience, providing a practical counterpart to complement your academic education. It is meant to provide you with two kinds of practical experience: knowledge about work and organisations, and how to succeed in different kinds of working environments.

Vaibhav Rustagi MBA

Vaibhav Rustagi MBA

Director of Careers

Before joining NCH, Vaibhav headed up the global employer and alumni engagement offering at Hult International Business School. Prior to that, he was the head of their post graduate student recruitment function in Europe.

Vaibhav has an MBA from Hult, a BA from the University of West London and an Associate degree from Glion Institute of Higher education. With over 15 years of experience in client and account management, he uses his personal network to contribute to the experience of current students and alumni in terms of creating opportunities for employment and learning.

His pre-Hult life was dedicated to the hospitality industry, where he worked with some of London’s most luxurious establishments. In 2007, he created London’s most expensive cocktail and was featured in newspapers and world-leading online spirit guides.