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Eco-Friendly NCH

It is important that we all do our bit to look after the environment. Here at NCH, we try our best to be more environmentally friendly wherever possible. Find out more about our eco-friendly initiatives below.

Glass Milk Bottles

Here at NCH, between the staff, faculty and students, we get through a lot of tea and coffee. So, we decided to swap from plastic milk bottles to glass milk bottles.

Oat Milk

We also offer oat milk instead of cow’s milk!


Mugs, Cutlery and Coffee Cups

Staff and students are provided with mugs and cutlery so that they can avoid having to use plastic versions. Furthermore, when students start at NCH they are given a reusable coffee cup!

Lights Off Initiative

We encourage all staff, faculty and students to turn lights off when not needed. Moreover, we use energy saving lightbulbs where possible.


We recycle as much as possible. In particular, we make sure to recycle paper, printer cartridges, plastic, coffee pods, batteries and light bulbs.

Our paper plants trees

5p from each pack of paper we buy contributes to the work of the Woodland Trust.

Every sheet of Woodland Trust Office Paper supports projects that improve biodiversity, enhance social wellbeing and help the UK landscape adapt to climate change.

Carbon offsetting


NCH staff travelling by airplane for research purposes are required to mitigate the impact through a carbon offsetting scheme if they are to claim the travel cost as a research expense.

Cycle to Work

Employees are now entitled to join a Cycle to Work scheme where they are able to use a loaned bike to commute to work. Eligible employees can hire a bike worth up to £1,000 which will be paid back in twelve monthly installments through a salary sacrifice scheme, saving up to 42% on the new bike.