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Contextualised admissions

What are contextualised admissions?

The College is committed to widening participation and fair access. The admissions team uses contextual information about an applicant to assess their prior academic achievement and potential based on their individual circumstances.

What information is used?

The admissions team may use the following information to decide on an applicant’s admissions offer:

  • Geodemographic information. POLAR (Participation of Local Areas), based on the proportion of the young population that participates in higher education.
  • Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) which analyses a postcode and takes into consideration income, employment health deprivation and disability, education skills and training, barriers to housing and services, crime and living environment.
  • Schooling: If the applicant has attended a state school or a low-performing school. This can include both GCSE and A-Level performance.
  • Care: If the applicant has been in local authority care for three or more months.
  • Other social factors: in receipt of free school meals, local area applicant, and low-income household.

How is this information used?

Each application is considered holistically, and the information provided on the application form will be used to make one of the following decisions:

  • An offer that is one grade below standard entry requirements of AAB (or equivalent)
  • An offer that is two grades below standard entry requirements of AAB (or equivalent)
  • Academic scholarship allocation

Interview financial assistance

Claiming travel expenses for admissions interviews: A guide for students

Once you have received your invitation to interview email, UK residents may be eligible to claim travel expenses of up to £40.

As stated in your invitation to interview email, you will first need to contact our Admissions Manager on to inform them that you will be making a claim.

To claim travel expenses for your interview, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Attending an under-performing UK state school
  • Have been in/or are currently under Local Authority Care
  • Eligible for pupil premium
  • Living in a Low Participation Neighbourhood
  • If your parents/guardians are unemployed or your household income is less than £42,875

**All expense claims must be supported with valid receipts**

Please also note that we can only reimburse travel expenses for the interviewee. We cannot reimburse travel expenses for plus ones.

Claiming your travel expenses: Step-by-Step

Step One

To claim travel expenses to attend an admissions interview, please complete the Interview Travel Expense Form, you will need to bring this with you on your interview date. The Admissions Manager will provide you with the form when you inform them you will be making a claim.

Make sure that all bank details are correct and clearly written on your Interview Travel Expense Form to avoid any delays in payment. If you are not using your own bank details to receive the reimbursement, please complete the ‘relationship to bank account holder’ section of the form, including the sort code and bank account number of the alternative bank account. Please note, our Finance Department requires this information for audit purposes.

Step Two

If you are travelling to New College of the Humanities (NCH) from outside of London, we strongly encourage you to purchase return tickets from Trainline. Trainline will email you a copy of your receipt detailing the cost of the transaction and the booking confirmation, enabling easy access and safekeeping of your receipts. Please note that we cannot reimburse travel expenses without receipts.

If you are travelling within London on the London Overground/Underground, you will need to have your Oyster/contactless payment card that is registered with the TFL App on your phone. We are happy to accept screenshots of your travel journey to NCH listed on your app. Alternatively, we are happy to accept TFL paper travel cards and we will ask to photocopy this on the day of your interview as proof of purchase.

Step Three

On the day of your interview, you will need to hand this to a member of the Admissions Team.

Please make sure that your form is complete before handing it in, with proof of your receipts.

Step Four

The University will process your claim and reimburse your expenses within three weeks of you submitting your form, (so long as all information is accurately provided).

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the Admissions Manager on