Widening Access & Participation

Please find below details of New College of the Humanities' Widening Access & Participation initiatives.

Widening Participation at NCH

At the New College of the Humanities (NCH), widening participation (WP) is at the heart of our institution. We are devoted to supporting students from underrepresented groups in their journey to university and aim to remove barriers that may impede them from pursuing their university career.

We aim to do this by supporting students through each stage of the student life cycle:

  1. Access – Students gaining access to higher education (HE)
  2. Retention – Students staying in HE for the duration of their course
  3. Attainment – Students successfully completing and fulfil their potential by achieving a 1 or first-class degree award
  4. Progression – Successful transitions within the programme of study and afterwards to employment or further study

Who is it aimed at?

Prospective students of under-represented groups:

  • From lower socio-economic groups
  • Living in low-participation neighbourhoods
  • First-generation to consider higher education
  • Attending schools of low progression
  • Care leavers
  • Mature students