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NCH Alumni Spotlight: Ruben Brooke

NCH London | July 7, 2021

Welcome to the fourth edition of the NCH Alumni Spotlight, a series where we catch up (virtually) with our alumni to find out where they are now and how studying at NCH helped them!

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Today, we’ll be talking to NCH Alumni, Ruben Brooke.

Ruben graduated in 2019 and after an internship, took part in a graduate scheme and went on to complete a Masters degree.

Ruben let us know what he has been up to since graduating and where he is now in his professional career.

What is your name and current role?

Ruben Brooke, Graduate Business Analyst

Where do you work?

Aberdeen Standard Investments

How would you explain your role?

I’m on a two-year rotational graduate scheme within Aberdeen Standard Investments, the investment management business of Standard Life Aberdeen plc. So far, I’ve been working within the team which looks after relationships with some of our largest UK clients. My next rotation will be on the project team developing exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

What course did you study at NCH and why did you choose this course?

I wanted to major in Philosophy because it allowed me to explore fundamental questions which connected the dots between different things I was interested in (Economics, History, Literature, Politics, the Arts). English was complementary in that literature is something which I’ve found rewarding to study for its own sake, but it also provides valuable insights into topics covered in philosophy like beauty, cultural history and ethics.

How would you describe your overall NCH experience?

I loved the small scale of learning at NCH and its rigorous academic approach. I was lucky to learn from the very strong faculties in my major and minor subjects. Also, participating in the LAUNCH programme allowed me to grow in confidence outside my academic interests and explore the various career options available to me.

Tell us about your career journey after NCH.

After I left NCH in summer 2019, I completed an internship with my current firm in London and received an offer to start on the graduate scheme in September 2020. Over the next year, I completed a master’s degree in management at the University of Bristol. At the same time, I worked in a client service role at the retail investment broker Hargreaves Lansdown, which was a useful opportunity to develop my knowledge of investments from the perspective of the end customer. After finishing my course in Bristol, I moved to London and started (virtually!) at Aberdeen Standard in September 2020.

How has your time at NCH contributed to your career/current role?

In my industry, people generally have degree backgrounds in subjects like economics and finance. My time at NCH and degree background probably gives me a slightly different perspective on things. Skills developed during my time at NCH include critical thinking, problem solving, constructing logical arguments, written and spoken communication skills, understanding different cultural perspectives – these are all relevant to my current role.

If you had one piece of advice for a prospective NCH student, what would it be?

Study something which genuinely interests you – don’t just think about your career. Even if you don’t study something seen as ‘practical’, an institution like NCH gives you lots of opportunities to develop your professional skills and career interests alongside your academic studies.

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