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NCH Alumni Spotlight: Alexander Mitchell

NCH London | March 23, 2021

Welcome to our second edition of the NCH Alumni Spotlight, a series where we catch up (virtually) with our alumni to find out where they are now and how studying at NCH helped them!

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Today, we’ll be talking to NCH Alumni and CEO Alexander Mitchell to see what he has been up to since graduating.

What is your name and current role?

Alexander Flint Mitchell, CEO of Blind Cupid, the matchmaking app.

Where do you work?

Blind Cupid

How would you explain your role?

I did five years of research into the question of whether we can ascertain who any one individual fundamentally is. This journey has taken me all over the world from think tanks in California to doing a Masters in London to working with established philosophers and psychologists worldwide. I created the algorithms (with the aid of systematic philosophy) which can indeed ascertain who any person fundamentally is by focusing on their cognitive processes. Post R&D, I have put together a fantastic team and we are in the process of creating a matchmaking app that will utilise this brand new approach to matchmaking.  I manage a team of senior technology developers and am chiefly responsible for the success of the product.

What course did you study at NCH and why did you choose this course?

Law LLB. I was always fascinated with law and politics but I felt that law would be the better area to focus on as I could read politics books in my spare time. Indeed, political philosophy was part of the fantastic NCH Diploma which I took part in. The calibre of the professors was, and remains, truly fantastic. The contact time is second-to-none and the whole prospect of studying Law at NCH was a thrilling concept – one that ultimately changed my life for the better.

How would you describe your overall NCH experience?

NCH will always have a special place in my heart. This is not just because it was my first university (I’ve been to three), but because it is so uniquely special in every way. The students, the professors, the intimacy of the College and the great honour to be part of an institution (especially as a Founding student) is something that will live with me always. It was a truly happy, fun and energising experience!

Tell us about your career journey after NCH.

I left NCH and completed my legal education which took me to New York. I then worked in American law firms in London but never really enjoyed my time. I was doing all of the research into Blind Cupid on the side and eventually decided to do a Masters Degree at Birkbeck in Business Innovation so that I could commercialise the idea with success.

How has your time at NCH contributed to your career/current role?

My time at NCH taught me many things, namely: how to really think critically, and how to analyse information to the greatest possible extent. These are crucial things for any CEO but also in life. My average day involves a lot of analysis and critical thinking and I avoid mistakes due to the calibre of philosophical education I was taught at NCH, and I also I know what to look for having been guided by excellent academic and legal minds.

If you had one piece of advice for a prospective NCH student, what would it be?

It would be to realise that NCH is not another university – it is unique both in its academic offering and its student experience. If you go to normal Russell Group universities, other than the city in which they are in, the experience may indeed be roughly equivalent to another. If you attend NCH, your experience will be unrivalled. You will be part of something that is revolutionary in the educational market but also something that has the ability to revolutionise your life in a way that other universities cannot.

If you really want to level up your life and have at your disposal the best academics in the world, one of the most unique and fantastic universities and all the prospects (for your life, not just your career) which come with it then apply to NCH.

Blind Cupid will be available on iOS and Android in May 2021.

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