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The Edinburgh Companion Book Launch From Dr. Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown | November 24, 2020

On Saturday 28th November 2020 NCH Head of English and Senior Lecturer in English Dr Catherine Brown will be launching The Edinburgh Companion to DH Lawrence and the Arts, which she has co-edited with Susan Reid.

The launch will be on Saturday 28th November 2020 at 8.00 pm UK time. Click HERE to watch.

The book is part of a series by Edinburgh University press of which the titles take the form X and the Arts. X can be an author (Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf), or an event (the First World War) or even a book (oddly – breaking the temporal concentration of this series around the modernist period – the Bible).

I was asked to edit the book by commissioning editor Jackie Jones, and quickly and wisely found myself a co-editor in Susan Reid, who edits The Journal of the DH Lawrence Society. Together we devised 28 chapters, and brought together 25 other contributors through our joint address book of Lawrencians and modernism specialists. In the March of 2019 we had a colloquium at NCH to share work in progress, and during the summer to winter of 2019 we edited the chapters. This involved considerable to-and-fro between us and the contributors; we had a certain vision of the whole book, they had a certain vision of their own chapters. Overall they were very patient with our demands!

The book aims to be a fresh assessment on D. H. Lawrence’s engagements across a wide range of verbal, visual and performance arts, expanding from traditional areas of enquiry in prose and poetry into the fields of drama, painting, sculpture, music, architecture, dance, historiography, life writing and queer aesthetics. It presents original research on topics such as Lawrence’s politics in his art, his representations of technology, his practice of revising and rewriting, and the relationship between his criticism and creation of prose, poetry and painting. The book also makes a case for Lawrence’s continuing relevance and aesthetic power, as represented by case studies of his afterlives in biofiction, cinema, musical settings and portraiture.

Laura Marcus, Goldsmiths Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford, commented:

‘The fascinating and illuminating essays in this expertly curated volume open up new ways of understanding and appreciating the work of one of the most original and important of twentieth-century writers. Individual essays open up Lawrence’s deep engagement with central debates about aesthetics and, in his roles as critic-practitioner, with the range of the arts and artistic production. A superb collection.’

I am delighted to say that it will be addressed by three guests – the Booker Prize-winning novelist and social commentator Howard Jacobson, the Goldsmiths Professor of English at Oxford University Laura Marcus, and the editor at Edinburgh University Press who commissioned this volume, Jackie Jones. Attenders will also be entertained by some readings from Lawrence’s work.

The book’s website is here (the code NEW30 gives a 30% discount).

DH Lawrence and the Arts

Catherine Brown

Head of Faculty & Senior Lecturer in English