World Kindness Day – Friday 13th November

Helen Cole | November 6, 2020

This Friday, 13th November, is World Kindness Day – so do something kind! Not only will it brighten up someone else’s day but will leave you feeling good too. In these challenging times, kindness has an even more vital role to play for us all, especially for those who are isolating or lonely.

Remember, if you’re feeling lonely or anxious you can talk to the NCH Student Wellbeing Team – call them on +44 (0)20 4504 0179.

Here are some ideas about acts of kindness you might like to do:

  • Send a kind message or write a card to someone you know. This could be a thank you, well wishing, remembering a kind deed, or just ‘thinking of you’!
  • Smile and say hello to people you pass whilst you’re out on your daily exercise
  • Clean the communal refrigerator, microwave or oven in your student accommodation
  • Give someone a compliment – it can make their day, week or year!
  • Leave out some treats for your flatmates to share
  • When paying for your take away coffee, offer to pay forward for someone in need
  • Write a blog about kindness in society
  • Support charities and good causes on your social media pages
  • Take the time to really listen to someone
  • Share positive posts on your social media pages
  • Cook a meal for someone else – deliver something delicious to someone who’s isolating or lonely
  • Write positive online reviews for places you have visited or businesses you have gone to
  • Pay someone a compliment (in person and via social media)
  • Write a thank you letter to a teacher who stands out from your education
  • Walk or cycle to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Have a meat-free day

You may like to check out these Kindness sites