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LAUNCH Works In Collaboration With Consulthon

NCH London | October 14, 2020

We are happy to announce that NCH will be working in collaboration with Consulthon, a consulting platform, for our unique LAUNCH programme.

NCH students will have the opportunity to work with Consulthon during their 3rd year of LAUNCH.

We caught up with Marieta, one of the founders of Consulthon, to find out more about their company and how they will be working with our students.

What does Consulthon do?

Consulthon is a platform that helps professionals with business challenges receive solutions from management consultants and other experts, who have notable experience in the particular business challenge raised.

Why was Consulthon started?

Three years ago, whilst having dinner with a group of friends, we discussed the lack of SME (small and medium enterprises) who reached out to consultants because they thought it was too expensive. We know that consultants are normally thrilled to be involved in business challenges where they can see the effect of immediate application, so why not connect willing consultants and SMEs with pressing business challenges? That’s how Consulthon came into existence.

How will Consulthon be working with 3rd year NCH students?

We have two business challenges that we have chosen. There will be a presentation that I, Marieta, will give, where we will announce problem statements and share information about the Consulthon platform and the team.  The 3rd year LAUNCH teams will then start working on these problem statements and will have 5 weeks to develop solutions. In November, students will then present their approaches to the problem statements by presentation and we will analyze how they arrived at their solutions.

What skills will NCH students learn by working with Consulthon?

Students will learn how to apply solutions and/or techniques they have studied at NCH and via this project, they will be able to test and explore the applicability to real world business challenges. The advantage here is that Consulthon has the freedom to test these ideas.

NCH students will also learn how to work as a team under pressure, 5 weeks is not a lot of time, but students will learn how to work to a tight deadline in a team and how to resolve any issues they have during this time.

Students will also learn how to professionally present solutions to main stakeholders as there is a big gap between having a solution and presenting your solution in a catchy and persuasive way. This leads to onto another skill – sales. Students will need to learn how to sell their team and their idea.

What job roles could students potentially undertake after working with Consulthon via LAUNCH?

One job would be a Digital Consultant, analysing the interactions and customer journey for any platform, site or app. Another role could be QA (Quality Assurance) tester, and of course, becoming a freelance consultant is always an option. The beauty of becoming a freelance consultant is that you are potentially offering something accessible, affordable and qualitive, thus allowing your client’s database to grow and great referrals for yourself!

If you wish to know more about our LAUNCH programme or if you are interested in hosting a similar challenge, please contact our Director of Careers, Vaibhav Rustagi.

For more information on Consulthon, visit their website: