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How to make the most out of quarantine (part I)

NCH London | August 26, 2020

As September approaches, there is no doubt that the start of term will be a little different.

With quarantine measures in place and many students travelling to the UK from all over the world,  you may be required to quarantine for 14 days in your room.

Whilst this may sound like a daunting experience, we have compiled a list of tips to help you during your 14-day quarantine period.

1. Contact your accommodation provider/landlord for their quarantine rules.

Whilst quarantine is essential if you are travelling into the UK, providers may have different rules about where you will be able to go in the building during your quarantine period. You may be able to access communal areas by adhering to social distancing requirements or by wearing a mask. Contact your provider or landlord before you travel to find out what areas you can access during quarantine.

2. Bring a face mask with you.

You will need a face mask especially if you are travelling to your accommodation via any form of public transport so remember to bring one with you. If you have any medical requirements that could be hindered by wearing a mask, please visit the TFL website to see if you may be exempt from wearing a face mask whilst travelling on public transport.

3. Ensure you have enough money to cover your food costs during quarantine.

Depending on the type of room you have booked and the quarantine requirements of your provider, you may have limited or no access a kitchen. If this is the case, you’ll need to organise food provisions for your quarantine period. You will be able to order groceries online from supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. Some accommodation providers may also organise in-house food deliveries to your door, but they will not cover the cost of food, so please ensure you have enough money to cover all of your food costs.

4. Create a routine.

Whilst it may be tempting to spend the day in your pyjamas, creating a routine can help you organise your days during quarantine. Set times to wake up, catch up with emails, contact friends/family, read and eat. Try to avoid staying up to late hours of the morning and avoid streaming content for too long as this can disrupt your sleeping patterns.

5. Pack sufficient medical and personal care supplies for 14 days.

If you are on regular medication remember to bring enough to last you through 14 days, as well as personal care items; this includes items such as hygiene products, shower gels, toilet rolls and toothpaste etc.

6. Utilise your hobbies or learn a new one!

It is important to keep yourself engaged during quarantine, so ask yourself, what piques your interest? Do you want to learn a new skill or talent? YouTube has a wealth of videos online with everything from learning how to knit to how to play guitar. You can also use this time to develop existing skills during your quarantine period.

7. Talk to other NCH students.

There will be other students quarantining at the same time as you who you can connect with through our NCH Freshers Facebook Group. Feel free to use the group to talk with other NCH students and set up fun games such as zoom pub quizzes, craft tutorials, or even collective yoga sessions. If you would also like to share your skill or offer to teach others, you will be able to use the Facebook group to organise this.

8. If you need help, let us know. 

Quarantine can be a testing time so if you feel like you need extra support, let us know. The Wellbeing Team at NCH are here to help and assist all NCH students throughout their studies. For access to free resources, useful advice and more, visit our Student Wellbeing page.