Access to Northeastern University’s Library Facilities

NCH London | August 11, 2020

New College of the Humanities students and staff will have access to Northeastern University’s digital library from September 2020

New College of the Humanities is delighted to announce that our students and staff can now remotely access a huge range of digital resources from Northeastern University’s library. 

The Northeastern University Library leads the way in redefining library service in the 21st century. It is home to a variety of databases, over 800,000 e-books, and over 100,000 electronic journals. NCH students and academics will have access to the large majority of these resources. 

Northeastern University’s digital library resources will provide the College’s students and academics with significantly enhanced study and research opportunities. These new resources broaden the range of materials available and allow for a more flexible approach to research and study. This new combination of physical and online library resources provides the College’s students and academics with truly world-class library facilities. Students will be able to access the system using their College credentials from September 2020 onwards.

The Northeastern University Library complements the College’s existing library arrangements to provide students with a rich collection of facilities. Our students currently have access to Senate House Library and the British Library.

Senate House Library is the main academic library used by NCH students. It is one of the top research libraries in the UK, particularly focused on the arts and humanities. It houses 2 million books and 50 special collections, along with a variety of study rooms, including the stunning Middlesex Reading Room to which our staff and students have access. New College of the Humanities students have full access to its borrowing, digital and print services. 

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and grants access to the world’s most comprehensive research collection. The library has a collection of over 170 million items and adds around three million new items to their collection every year. NCH students are eligible for a reader’s card, which can be used when more detailed research is required.

As an integral member of Northeastern University’s global network, NCH receives wide-ranging support from a highly ranked international teaching and research institution, while retaining its academic independence as a UK higher education institution.