How to Choose Your Accommodation

NCH Student Blog | July 14, 2020

Moving away from home to anywhere different can be extremely scary! Therefore, it is important that you find somewhere to live where you feel comfortable. Your university accommodation should feel like your new home- your first taste of living alone (well, sort of!). To help you decide which accommodation is best for you, I wrote down how I decided on my student accommodation last year.

Firstly, if your university has any recommended accommodation buildings, check those out first! Your university wants you to feel comfortable, whilst also living somewhere that is affordable. At New College of the Humanities, for example, we recommend a variety of different accommodation buildings- from Scape (which is pretty pricey but luxurious!) to Mannequin House- more affordable and still very modern! For the first step in finding your perfect accommodation definitely be sure to ask your university for recommendations- chances are they will be right!

However, despite that last point, go with what you want: not just with what is advised! Even if your university has recommendations, you may not like any of those! If that happens, do not worry! You are not about to be forced to stay at a recommended accommodation block – the choice is yours completely! Also, there are so many choices of places to stay. So, if you don’t like the recommended or best-rated ones then don’t panic too much – there will always be a student accommodation which is perfect for you.

Next, if your university is not a campus university, think about the distance your accommodation is from your university itself! Don’t make your journey into uni longer than can be helped :). If you do have a bit to travel, make sure to get to know the local transport- buses and trains are wonderful things! If you are in London, take full advantage of the tube and it’s quick services- an Oyster card is a great piece of kit to invest in! If you don’t fancy any of these travel options, choose accommodation within walking distance- or get a bike!

Finally, think about what YOU want out of your accommodation! By this, I mean what facilities in your room and in the accommodation block, in general, would you like? For me, in deciding where to live, I knew that I liked privacy! Therefore, I decided immediately that I would want an en-suite, single room (meaning I would not share with anyone). I then was very open with what other things I would like – a gym would have been great, but ultimately I did not mind. I chose my accommodation due to the good price, the ability to have an en-suite room, the free gym and common rooms. The decider for me, however, was the cat my accommodation had! Sadly, the cat had to go home with his owner – but, happily, my accommodation has a new one now!!

Hopefully, this will make your search for accommodation a little easier. Sadly, in most places, you won’t find a cat! But, as with all university accommodation, there will be special facilities and features for you to use.