Black Lives Matter: A message to our community

NCH London | June 7, 2020

Black Lives Matter

NCH unequivocally and emphatically condemns racism and racial injustice and joins with all our colleagues in the Northeastern community in doing so and in commemorating the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery as victims of the racism and racist violence that this injustice promotes, as well as supporting the guiding principles of Black Lives Matter. The College has, from its foundation, been committed to inclusiveness, equality and respect as a principle of collegial life, and holds unwaveringly to that commitment.

Hosting talks and reading groups

We warmly encourage students and staff to form reading groups, hold events, invite speakers that address inclusiveness and equality, to share tool kits to facilitate self-education and understanding, and to actively promote racism awareness and collegiality among our community.

As a College we will actively support this through funding provided to the NCH Students’ Union, collaboration between staff and students to support these initiatives, support in promoting these events to the College’s community, and through the Professoriate lectures.

In the immediate future, we encourage the College’s students and staff to develop our own virtual reflection and observance events. Please contact Elizabeth O’Connell if you are arranging an event and she will support you with communications to the College’s community and our wider Northeastern family.

Diversity of our student body

We have always, and we continue, to strive to increase the diversity of the student body: from the beginning, we have actively reached out to all communities, with bursaries to enable access; and we have an Access and Participation Plan with the Office for Students and dedicated funding to promote this work. As a College, we will continue to support these initiatives with our resources wholeheartedly.

Diversity of our staff

One of the College’s key principles is not to discriminate on any grounds. It is our duty to hire the best-qualified candidate for every post we seek to fill, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, age or religion. It is qualifications, experience, track record and merit that alone determine our selection among candidates. This respects the principle of equity and the duty to students, other faculty, the College, and the academic discipline in question, always to appoint the best available candidate on those criteria.

As a College, we are making a commitment to consult with Black British Academics to ensure that while we continue to adhere to this principle, that we also explore how we can support BAME academics in particular.