25 things to do before you graduate

NCH London | April 20, 2020

Take it from someone who has gone through the system and come out the other end, those essays and assignments won’t seem so bad when you’re in the working world. Student life is a special opportunity that comes with all kinds of different experiences for everyone.  With all the opportunities both at our doorstep, and from our web browser; it’s easy to brush them off and say “I’ll do it later”.

So to help you make the most of your time at NCH, here is a list you can add to and make your very own ultimate student bucket list: 


  1. Get the most of your student discount, signup to Studentbeans, Unidays
  2. Join a new club or society.
  3. Talk to the careers people each year to learn about the careers opportunities and NCH’s network links.
  4. Go to that museum or art gallery you’ve been meaning to visit.  The British Museum has a whole host of online events coming up.
  5. Getaway trips with your friends: Travel to Oxford, Cornwall, or Canterbury. It’s cheap, easy to reach and you can always spend the day in a smaller town and enjoy the perks of less expensive food, beautiful sight-seeing and just a day out of the city. 
  6. Make friends with Northeastern students. Everyone was a fresher at one time; show them the ropes.
  7. Even if you’re not a die-hard Harry Potter fan, visit Platform 9 ¾, located inside of Kings Cross Station. #DiditfortheGram
  8. Make a budget for the term and STICK to it.  Click here for budgeting app reviews.
  9. Visit a friend at another university. Go overboard on the shots when you realise how much cheaper they are elsewhere.
  10. Complain about the serious lack of brunch places and/or museums in your friend’s University town the next day, realise how incredibly lucky you are and vow never to complain about London ever again!
  11. Vote in the Students’ Union elections.
  12. Do something crazy for charity – Support a RAG (NCH Raise and Give) society where you can sign up to do stupid stuff for a good cause. Climb Kilimanjaro, do a naked bike ride, my personal favourite  – University Jailbreak (Get as far away as you can in 36hrs without spending any money).
  13. Eat steak for only £10 at Flat Iron. OmNomNomNom
  14. Have a pink latte at AIDA Shoreditch (it’s made with beetroot and tastes amazing).
  15. Boost that CV – Volunteer or do an internship. Maybe work at NCH as an ambassador?
  16. Have a drink with your faculty or tutor.  You have a full range from Tea, Coffee or even from time-to-time an alcoholic drink at college events.
  17. Buy a uni hoodie – because it will be asked: ‘did you even go to uni if you didn’t buy the uni hoodie, and wear it at every available opportunity’?
  18. Host a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style dinner party with your friends.
  19. ROOFTOPS!! There are so many (Here are my Top 3: Sky-Garden, Queen of Hoxton, Pergola On the Roof).
  20. Write a letter or email to your future self.
  21. Write book reviews of books you have read for your degree or even titles you read for pleasure.  You can publish on sites like Goodreads, or even your own blog if you have one. Writing witty and/or insightful reviews not only helps others to decide if they should buy a book, but it keeps your thoughts and ideas on the subject up-to-date.
  22. Add everyone and anybody and their dog at NCH on LinkedIn. #ProfBollingerAgrees
  23. Do Something That Scares You. If you look back at your university years and realise you played it safe, you might not be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone enough. Take a deep breath and challenge yourself to try something new and scary. Even if you regret it, you’ll learn something about yourself.
  24. Join fellow London University students on a Wednesday social at Student Central.
  25. Add your own ten items to this list and share your progress social media.