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The One-to-One Tutorial

NCH Student Blog | February 21, 2020

One-to-one tutorials are a unique and a crucial selling point of NCH and personally, its best feature academically.

Essentially, you will be set a formative question (this means it does not count towards your degree) by your professor and will have around a week to answer and submit it. Generally speaking, you’ll get an essay a week. This sounds like a lot but I promise you, you will reap the rewards. It is really important to submit your work on time, as otherwise, your lecturer may not have enough time to mark your work with the same amount of detail and constructive feedback.

Later on in the week you will sit down for 45 minutes with your professor and discuss how to push your arguments further, refine your writing style and ask questions or clarify theories or parts of the reading that you didn’t quite understand.

All written work at NCH, this being summative (counts for a % of your degree) and formative (doesn’t “count”) will be given feedback that is both positive yet constructive. I would recommend to definitely engage with the advice. If you can, re-write or edit the essays with the feedback – it will help your writing both stylistically and to help you learn the content.

Ultimately, when it comes to one-to-ones you get as much out of it as you put in, so work hard and make the most of it. This is such a unique way to dig-deep, engage and understand topics to the best of your ability.