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My Bumpy Journey to NCH

NCH Student Blog | February 14, 2020

My Bumpy Journey to NCH began at the beginning of my final year at school. I had applied via an early application on UCAS to Oxford, Queen Mary (UoL), SOAS (UoL), Newcastle and Leeds to read Law. I was checking my emails every two seconds to see if anyone had accepted me.

The offers started rolling in… first Newcastle, then Queen Mary, then SOAS and Leeds- I was so delighted, as I had even been given unconditional offers, but at the time, the only place I had had my heart set on to go to was St. Hugh’s College at Oxford. The others were good universities with good courses but they didn’t really entice me as much.

I was sadly rejected from Oxford with my Grandmother having to read out my rejection letter over the phone (for some reason I got a letter instead of an email)- I was devastated, mortified and felt so humiliated. I thought that my life as I knew it was over. (Yes, it really was this dramatic at the time)

About a month later, it was time for A. C. Grayling’s annual talk at my school and I had remembered him talking about this liberal arts-based university that he had set up. So naturally, I consulted Google to do some investigation and fell in love with the programme and watched every single YouTube video uploaded about it. I was so happy to find out that NCH did direct application – this meant that I didn’t have to wait for the next academic cycle to apply.

Within 2 weeks (maybe less, I can’t remember), I was offered an interview in London. I was ecstatic but equally nervous because I really wanted to go and I had googled my interviewer and he was incredibly over-qualified. My interview with actually became so enjoyable – I ended up feeling like a chat on my ideas and how I would argue these points.

The end result was that I got an unconditional offer with an academic scholarship. NCH is a place that you can fully submerge yourself academically and socially – this was what I wanted and what I got. Ultimately with hindsight, I definitely made the right decision and will be ever grateful to NCH for everything it has had to offer me.