A Student’s Guide to Homesickness

NCH Student Blog | February 12, 2020

Homesickness. One of the biggest evils of university life and the thing that most students will experience during their time at university. So, how can we stop homesickness? Well, there is no set method that works for everybody! Luckily though, here are a few quick and easy ideas and tips which should help to cure or make the homesickness a little more bearable!

1). Do not be ashamed of it! Feeling homesick is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Regardless if you live a few hours away or in a different country, feeling homesick is totally normal- especially in a new environment like university!

2). This pretty much follows on from number 1. Speak to your friends and peers about it! Don’t feel embarrassed to speak to someone. Remember, most of your Uni friends are probably in the exact same boat- they are most likely just too scared to admit it. Be the first to open up about it! Share in your worries and perhaps even bond over the support you can offer one another!

3). Take your favourite cuddly toy or comfort item with you! Despite the worry that having a cuddly toy or comfort item with you in your room or even on your person is embarrassing and childish, it’s really not! Most students will have something which makes them feel closer to home, it’s nothing to feel ashamed about! Having the familiarity of a childhood teddy or blanket can really help to quell the homesickness, it brings you closer to home!

4). Take home foods with you! This works especially well for students from abroad. If you have a favourite food specific to your area or country, bring it with you or find a way to have it delivered! Having your favourite dish or snack which reminds you of home will help to integrate your home with your student accommodation!

5). The point above brings me to the fifth idea- fill your uni room with homely items and decorate it! One important step to feeling at home in your uni room is to decorate it and make it your own! Whether this is by putting up fairy lights or bringing pictures from home, making your uni room feel more comfy and homely can really help to stop the homesickness quick!

6). Get exploring and socialising! The worst thing to do when you feel homesick is to keep yourself locked in your university room! Get out and go explore with friends from your university or other universities. Getting to know the area alone or with friends also helps to make you feel at home in your university’s town.

7). Keep in contact with your family and friends! Some people think that homesickness will disappear if they stop contacting home for a while – this is not true! This only serves to make you more homesick! Keep in regular contact with your family, loved ones and friends- this will help put a smile on your face and their words will often help to encourage you to get on with your day! Keeping your loved ones from home in constant contact can help you to settle in- they feel wayyy less far away!

Well, that’s all folks! Hopefully, this blog can help you in some way! These are the ways of stopping homesickness that I and my friends have found most beneficial- go check out more blogs for other ways too.

If you’re feeling homesick at this very moment, try out some of these ideas. And most importantly- stop reading this blog!! Go out and have some fun with your uni friends and classmates! Trust me, it makes you feel a whole lot better.