Admissions Interview: What to Expect

NCH Student Blog | February 5, 2020

Interviews can be really stressful – purely because most of the time you don’t know what to expect.

At NCH, our admissions interviews are surprisingly relaxed and start off with a selection of teas and snacks in the Drawing Room. Student ambassadors (easily identifiable) will be sat with you whilst you wait, so have a chat and ask them questions (social life, work opportunities, etc). They are there to put you at ease because they understand it’s a stressful time- they’ve been there too!

Your interviewer will be from the department of your major subject, but you may also get a few questions about your minor. I applied for Law with Politics and International Relations- I was asked questions, asked to form arguments and discussed my essays. I was so nervous, but it was a really positive experience once I had settled into the conversation- just be yourself, relax and make the most of it. Going around and actually seeing NCH, talking to staff and students really helped me make my university choices.

Ultimately the whole point of them is to see how you would perform in a 1-2-1 tutorial, so lecturers aren’t looking to catch you out. At the end of the interview, the lecturer will ask if you have any questions- don’t be shy and fire away!

Good luck and hope to see you next year!

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